When you’d ask us about our most favorite country in the world – so far – we just can’t hide our enthusiasm. For us, as outdoor lovers, there is no country as mind-blowing and diverse as the USA. That’s why, after our first unforgettable road trip through the Southwest in summer 2016, we decided we had to go back last summer to see more of it!

The infinite roads through the most scenic landscapes bring you to countless wonderful destinations. From the Great desert-like Sand Dunes over the Rocky massive Mountains through the mysterious Bisti Badlands to the glorious Red Rock Country. Every single view is breathtaking and spectacular and the adventures are endless.

Capturing the boundless beauty of this overwhelming country in a short movie is impossible. You have to experience it for yourselves. You have to feel the sun on your skin when you step into the Valley Of Fire. You have to smell the sulfur while the unique geysers and colorful hot springs blow your mind in Yellowstone NP. You have to watch the Cirque of the Towers after a stunning hike in Wind River Range. But most of all you need to take the opportunity and enjoy every bit of it!

We did! We hope you feel it too while watching our aftermovie.