Whoever thinks of South Africa undoubtedly also thinks of unforgettable safaris. The Kruger Park is of course the most famous wildlife park in this beautiful country, but South Africa has much more to offer. If you fly to Cape Town and your trip is limited to the south of the country, Addo Elephant Park is a great alternative. This park is close to Port Elizabeth and perfectly on the road when you follow the Garden Route.

The park is not as big as Kruger, but that does not necessarily have to be a disadvantage. It is cheaper, you can easily cross the entire park and the chance of spotting entire herds of elephants or zebras is higher. As a matter of fact, did you know that Addo is the only place in the entire world where you can spot the Big Seven? But ok, to be fair: you need some (uh… a lot of) luck!

I can hear you think: “the Big Seven?” The Big Five are better known: the lion, the elephant, the African buffalo, the leopard and the rhino. If you add the white shark and the whale, you have the Big Seven. The Addo National Park also contains a stretch of ocean and coastal area where you can spot these giants.

You can find out exactly which animals you can spot in Addo Elephant Park on the official website. Of course, you are more curious about the chance to actually see these animals. That’s a bit harder to say… We are happy to share which animals we spotted on 2 days in Addo. Perhaps this can give an indication of what you can expect.

Here they are:




African buffalo




Greater kudu

Red hartebeest

Brown hyena

Vervet monkey

Feel free to share which animals you have spotted!