Traveling always involves making choices. There is so much to see everywhere, so unfortunately it is impossible to explore every spot. In Nicaragua, this is no different. To help you in the first steps of your itinerary, we’ll give the 10 highlights of our unforgettable journey through Nicaragua. Here we go:

10 – Play tourist in the natural pool Ojo de Agua

Strangely, there are other tourists in Nicaragua! Ojo de Agua is about the only place where we were surrounded by other travelers. It is certainly not that we were overrun by the people. There was just a clear contrast with the rest of our trip. Having said that, this “natural” swimming pool on Ometepe is still a beautiful place. The pool is indeed constructed, but with respect for nature. In addition, the water comes from the source of the river Buen Suceso, which is responsible for the mineral-rich water. Just due to the touristic content certainly not the highlight of the trip but it is a nice place to recover from the past efforts. Therefore a narrow spot in the top 10!

Nicaragua Ojo de Agua Ometepe

9 – Overcome the hills of Isla de Ometepe – by bike

Rent a bike and mingle with the locals through the streets and along the tropical orchards of Ometepe. Make sure to go to the beach. You are guaranteed to be surrounded by the cattle some times. The farmers let their cows and horses drink from the water. Right, you would almost forget that the island of Ometepe is not located in the sea, but in the gigantic freshwater lake Cocibolca – or conveniently Lake Nicaragua. Discover the proud and big smile on the faces of the local shop owners if you buy a bunch of bananas. You would like to pay extra for it! Maybe yet a little warning: the hills can be steep! O so painful upwards, but all the more enjoyable downwards!


8 – Relax in surfers paradise San Juan Del Sur

We mostly end our trip relaxing a few days. Although many others go towards the Corn Islands – to the west of Nicaragua, we chose the nearer San Juan Del Sur after a long doubt. For us, the crossing to the other side of the country was too expensive (aircraft) or too long (bus) for the few days we would stay there. We certainly do not regret our choice. San Juan Del Sur is a true surfers paradise with great bars and beaches in order to reload your energy. What we actually have enjoyed most, was our stay with Airbnb. A nice bungalow with a small – but very nice – infinity pool, on a hill with breathtaking views of the beach of San Juan Del Sur. It was so lovely that we barely left the house. Fresh mint and lime right from the local market, bottle(s) Flor de Caña and cane sugar from the shop around the corner and enjoy… We want to go back!


7 – Do as many terraces in colorful Granada

From the first step in Granada, you will be enchanted by the beauty of this colonial town. It is attractive, colorful and surprisingly clean and provides ground to some beautiful churches. In the central park you will find several stalls where you can buy delicious fresh fruit. Let yourself go! In the cozy main street Calle La Calzada you’ll find one pub after another where they serve excellent cocktails for less than a dollar. Excuse me? Yes, they have happy hours all day (happy day!) so you can get two cocktails for $1.5. That way they are for sure very difficult to refuse!


6 – Kayak at Sunrise in the noiseless Laguna de Apoyo

An hour from Granada you’ll find the wonderful Laguna de Apoyo, a large crater lake surrounded by dense tropical jungle. It is heated by a natural hot spring so the water is at perfect temperature for a dip: delicious! The short distance of Granada makes it suitable as a day trip from the colonial city. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend an overnight stay. Only then you can fully enjoy this enchanting natural beauty. Get up early in the morning and see the sunrise from your kayak in the middle of the lake. No one around you. Only a few birds and howler monkeys in the distance who start the day with you. A unique moment.


5 – Surrender to the intoxicating fumes of the Masaya volcAno

The Masaya volcano has to be the most accessible volcano in the world. By car, you can drive as far as the edge of the crater. However, this is a spectacular natural wonder. A giant ash cloud is waiting for you. Although you know that the gases are toxic, you won’t do anything but surrender. You will be, as it were, immediately attracted by the “gate to hell” – so they saw the volcano earlier. It is very impressive to look inside a volcano. Nearby, there are some trails that give nice views of the volcano and its surroundings.


4 – Clamber between the rocks of Somoto Canyon

A trip through Somoto Canyon is an adventure you should not miss in Nicaragua. You step, climb and swim between cliffs up to 492 feet high. The canyon shows yet again the diversity that Nicaragua has to offer! The nature is so different than elsewhere in the country. One day you’re in the jungle, the other day among the rocks. During the tour you can even venture to cliff jumping. The height you can decide for yourself, so the trip is suitable for everyone! I myself conquered a jump of 52 feet. Moreish! Apparently you’d be able to go up to 69 feet, but that place we (unfortunately) didn’t come across.


3 – Go volcano boarding from Cerro Negro

Nicaragua, in particular Cerro Negro near Léon, is the only place in the world where you can go volcano boarding! The word says it all: it is similar to snowboarding, but on a volcano instead of snow and sitting rather than standing. Small but exciting detail: the volcano is active. After hiking the 2,214 feet high volcano you can enjoy a magnificent wide panorama before beginning the descent. Only standing on the summit, face to face with the edge of the “Black Hill”, you realize how steep the descent is. Immediately, it is clear why in 2014 CNN has declared this adrenalin shock the second most exciting activity in the world. But let’s be honest: how cool is it to practice this rare extreme sport? Get on the board and go!


2 – Go for a swim all by yourself in Crater lagoon Asososca

Hidden in an ancient volcanic crater, you find the magical Laguna Asososca. You have to walk quite a distance to get there, but you’ll quickly forget the efforts once you get in the water. This is truly a gem. Swimming with a view of several volcanoes and no one around you. Here you can enjoy for hours in silence, astonished by the natural beauty of Nicaragua.


1 – Sleep next to the mysterious crater of El Hoyo

After a beautiful hike through the natural beauty of Las Pilas, it is immediately clear why Nicaragua is also called the land of volcanoes. Just when you think you were offered the most wonderful panoramas, on top of El Hoyo you will be overwhelmed by the unforgettable view of the numerous volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. It looks like an endless chain of sharp fire mountains. And on that chain, next to the mysterious crater of El Hoyo or “The Hole”, you pitch your tent. No one to be seen for miles around… Enjoy the amazing sunset on one side of the volcano, while already longing for the promising sunrise on the other side. This is without doubt the highlight of our adventure in Nicaragua.


Combine the top three highlights of our trip to Nicaragua in a two-day hike! Your next adventure will definitely be a success!