Some might call Cat Ba Island the hidden gem of Ha Long Bay. Well, we go further. We will present you a hidden gem on this hidden gem! Cannon Fort and Cat Ba National Park offer some known viewpoints on Cat Ba. If you like the idea of having such amazing vistas all to yourself, keep on reading.

* UPDATE Oct 2019* Apparently, this viewpoint is now closed. Too bad, but – believe us – there are plenty of other reasons to visit Cat Ba!

In the northern end of the island you will find this unique viewpoint over Ha Long Bay. By far the easiest way to get there is renting a motorbike for just 3 USD a day in Cat Ba Town. Follow the main road that crosses the island northward – easy, there is only one such road. After a lovely ride sightseeing the green island, you’ll reach the bay in the north.

At the end of the road, there is a pier. Just before this pier, is where the quest to the secret outlook starts. A green steel ladder fixed to the steep cliff on your left, thus the west side of the road, will take you all the way up that cliff. In fact, it is a satellite tower that offers you an outstanding view over the countless limestone rocks rising out of the sea of Ha Long Bay.

For those with a fear of height it can be quite a challenge, as the ladder takes you pretty high. But the reward is priceless: an exclusive panorama of the heartwarming scenery of World’s Natural Wonder Halong bay.


GPS coordinates:
Breedtegraad: 20° 51′ 25.8″ N (20.857154)
Lengtegraad: 106° 58′ 56.8″ E (106.982456)
In pictures: